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Dual Injector Of the 3D printer tools, Technology Background.

By innovation of our production and our products we have extended our product portfolio with the following characteristics:

  • products made out of wood and plastic and their production from the mechanical shaping through the finishing surface /varnishing/ until the last step – UV printing
  • products with depth over 50mm /this is highly requested from the customers and increasing demand for products with height over 50mm/
Closeup of workers hand covering wooden plank with finishing protective cover for wood, carpentry furniture woodworking production

Innovated products are characterized by following features:

  • treatment of component with minimum of waste produced
  • innovated finishing surface of products
  • increased variety of printed products from wood and plastic
  • high quality finishing surface due to a paint of component from 5 sides
  • treatment, finishing surface and printing of several materials, e.g wood, plastic, metal and composite materials
  • high durability products that are resistant to mechanical damage
  • scratch resistant products by UV spray coating
  • fast and effective component finishing
  • height of component increased to max. 68mm
  • with UV LED scratch resistance method the printed product are not overheated therefore the products are not waved
  • wider variety for print of products from 51 to 65 mm
  • the innovated production is enviromentally friendly

POS/POP- Sales promotion

  • 3D boards, Light cassette signs
  • displays, racks, rack fronts and strips, bars
  • menu holders, salt cellars, table tents, coasters
  • billboards, wobblers, dispensers, counter display racks
  • product and sample displays, presenters
  • shelf stoppers, liners, strips and talkers
  • palette islands, decorated islands

Large format printing

  • billboards, bigboards and megaboards
  • PVC banners and mesh fabrics
  • citylight and neon signs
  • vehicle canvas and advertising
  • window advertising, window graphics
  • printing of plastic, plexiglass, glass, and wooden surfaces
  • wallpapers, print on canvas
  • t-flex neon and non-luminous signs

Terrace blinds and terraces

  • fixed and extensible terrace blinds
  • terraces and stages
  • parasols, beach chairs
  • fences and pens
  • desks, chairs, stand up bar tables
  • party tents to rent


  • merchandising by store openings, new or rebuild
  • installation of POP and POS materials
  • shop windows, promotional areas, neon signs
  • products presentation, in-store retail campaigns
  • advertising

Paint shop

Cutting of materials

  • surface finish of metals with dry powder paint
  • wet painting
  • surface finish of materials
  • painting of structures
  • paint fixing, renovation of surfaces
  • milling and cutting
  • moulding
  • laser cutting, engraving
  • polystyrene cutting, styrography

Locksmith and joinery workshop

  • manufacture of metal and wooden structures
  • manufacture of furniture, racks, displays, frames, promotional items
  • manufacture and renovation of containers
  • production of neon signs, pylons, billboards
  • assembly and service work